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Came and Took It originally formed in Austin, TX as Galley West. Then some dildos from Utah sent them a cease-and-desist order, forcing them to change their name. What a bunch of chodes.

Posthumously releasing their debut LP, “Bait for the Buzzards” in 2016, Came and Took It took on the themes of addiction, mental illness, heartbreak, and hatred of hipsters in a 13-song punch to the face, recorded in a time-honored DIY tradition by co-vocalists (and audio engineers) Austin Corley and Josh Cornal, themselves.

Fast forward to 2017 - the band decided to reunite and relocate to Fort Collins, CO, where they recently recorded a new LP, Resume, at the Blasting Room and are looking to spread their infectious dual-vocal assault of dour lyrics over catchy melodies and aggressive rhythms to their new home state and beyond.


Austin Corley — Vocals/Bass
Brady Boyle — Guitar
Sotirios Gatsiopoulos — Drums





Bait for the Buzzards

by Came and Took It

**New record**
"RESUME" OUt now!

Keep an eye out for our new record "Resume" recorded by Bill Stevenson at the Blasting Room. The release date is set to be this summer. So get ready.